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St. Mary’s University graduate-level online learning provides a flexible opportunity for individuals interested in academically rigorous and rewarding courses. Our programs integrate top-notch academics and the University’s mission of cultivating ethical leaders committed to the common good. St. Mary’s currently offers several graduate programs and academic certificates online.

The master’s degree programs and the academic certificates listed below can be completed exclusively online. The only exception is the M.A. in Theology that includes a degree component that must be completed at St. Mary’s University.

Graduate Programs

M.A. International Relations

The Master of Arts International Relations program serves as an information depot for international relations events and their implications in today’s world. Integrating the disciplines of political science, history, anthropology, international law, sociology, and geography, it provides students with the interdisciplinary education necessary for better understanding the complicated nature of global issues and events.

All programs require 36 credit hours of course work during which students gain a breadth of knowledge concerning the behavior of states and non-state actors in the international arena, as well as a depth of knowledge in their focus areas. The degree is designed to permit students to integrate internships and/or study abroad opportunities into the curriculum.

The Master of Arts in International Relations offers two concentration options online:

  • Security Policy (online and on-campus)
  • Sustainable Development and Conflict Transformation (online)

M.S. Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering trains individuals to successfully design, develop, implement, integrate and maintain software and software-related products. The software engineering program at St. Mary’s University does not focus on providing students with a large repertoire of programming skills that emphasize a particular language syntax or semantic. Coding is only one phase of the software lifecycle.

The program gives students the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and manage large-scale software systems with a primary focus on quality, reliability and maintainability. It emphasizes organizational structures, development processes, analysis and modeling techniques, design methodologies, documentation standards and quality controls.

M.A. Theology

The Master of Arts in Theology offers a real-time and synchronous online program to students, whereby students outside of San Antonio and across the country can participate with students in the classroom. Through this program, the Theology Department continues the dedicated work initiated by the Society of Mary to foster critical reflection on the Catholic faith and work that is open to ecumenism and inter-faith dialogue.

The Masters of Arts in Theology at St. Mary’s is academically rigorous. It instructs students in the careful reading of theological texts and church documents, the importance of historical and philosophical influences on textual interpretation, and the use of essential research tools. In addition to this scholarly preparation, students consider how and why it is important to implement the results of theological research in creative and practical ways. Students are well prepared for doctoral work should they choose to pursue it.

Master of Jurisprudence

The St. Mary’s University School of Law offers this 30-credit-hour program for those who do not wish to practice law, but are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the American legal system.

The M.Jur. degree is primarily for professionals practicing in areas that intersect with the law such as human relations, criminal and juvenile justice, the court system (including magistrates and probation officers), journalism, social work, regulatory agencies, county and municipal government, health care, intellectual property and technology, business, and other professions that directly interact with the legal system.

M.Jur. online concentrations:

Graduate Academic Certificates

Business Intelligence

The Greehey School of Business’ Graduate Certificate in Business Intelligence is designed to enhance data-driven decision-making skills. This program will offer students the skills and tools to explore and analyze data, improve their ability to discern the value of data in making predictions using cutting-edge modeling techniques, and develop strategically sound decisions to improve their work and the performance of their organization.

Community-Based Assessment and Evaluation

The Certificate in Community-Based Assessment and Evaluation is built around five courses designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to address society’s most pressing challenges. Through academic course work and practical real-world applications, graduates of this certificate program will be ready to make an impact on their local communities in support of the common good.

Software Engineering

The Certificate in Software Engineering at St. Mary’s University provides students with the knowledge and the skills necessary to apply sound engineering theory, principles, tools and processes, as well as principles of computer science and mathematics, to the evaluation, design, development, testing and maintenance of complex software systems. This program is designed to serve the needs of individuals who would like to increase their knowledge and skill levels in the field of software engineering in a short time frame.

Please contact the St. Mary’s University Office of Graduate Admission at 210-436-3101 or with questions regarding these programs or the application process.

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